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Enrollment and/or changes to your 2021 ETTP benefits can be made by contacting Mercer Single Source 1. Mercer Single Source 1 is available 24/7 on-line at or by telephone (toll free) at 888-890-5631, Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


Aetna ID Card Options

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Retiree Benefits Information

East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) Benefit Plans for Grandfathered Employees Retiree Summary Sheet

ETTP Post-Age 65 Retirees/Spouses - Contact List

COVID-19 Vaccination Update for ETTP Eligible Post-Age 65 Retirees & Spouses Enrolled in the Retiree Healthcare Exchange with UnitedHealthcare

2021 Retiree Healthcare Exchange (RHE)

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2021 Required Notices

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2021 How to Enroll

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Eligible Active Employee Benefits

2021 Health & Welfare Benefit Information and Guides for Eligible Active Employees

Oak Ridge
Active Eligible

Salaried Employee Bargaining Unit Employee
ORNL ATLC Bargaining Unit Employee
Portsmouth Ohio
Fluor BWXT Portsmouth
Active Eligible

Bargaining Unit Employee Portsmouth Mission Alliance
Bargaining Unit Employee
Paducah Kentucky
Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership LLC
Active Eligible

Bargaining Unit Employee
Retiree Benefits

2021 Eligible Retirees Health & Welfare Benefit Information and Guides

Oak Ridge
OR Pre-Age 65 Salaried & Bargaining Unit Retirees
Post-Age 65 Retirees
Portsmouth Ohio
FBWXT and PMA Pre-Age 65 Salaried Retirees
FBWXT Pre-Age 65 Bargaining Unit Retirees FBWXT and PMA Post-Age 65 Retirees PMA Pre-Age 65 Bargaining Unit Retirees
Paducah Kentucky
FRNP Pre-Age 65 Salaried & Bargaining Unit Retirees
FRNP Post-Age 65 Retirees
Additional Information

Other Information

2020 Drug Formularies
Long Term Disability
2020 Additional Information for UCOR Employees and Pre-65 Retirees DOE Displaced Workers Medical Benefits Program
  • Please contact Mercer Single Source 1 at (888) 890-5631.
  • Please see rates for your former applicable employer above.
Benefits Contacts

Important Contact Information

Company Purpose Phone Number Website (if applicable)
 Mercer Single Source 1 Health & Welfare Administration
(Benefit Enrollment, Changes, and Questions)
(888) 890-5631
 Aetna Medical Insurance (888) 238-6203
 Health Advocacy Health Advocacy (866) 695-8622
 Able to (Aetna) Depression Management (855) 773-2354  
 Teladoc (Aetna) Telehealth (855) 835-2362
 United Healthcare For Post Age 65 Retiree Medical (866) 868-0605
 Optum Manages RRA Stipend for Retirees (877) 298-2305
 CIGNA Dental (800) 244-6224
 UNUM STD/FMLA/LTD 1-866-779-1054
 Vision Services Plan (VSP) Vision Insurance (800) 877-7195
 Securian Life/Special Accident (AD&D) (888) 658-0193
 ETTP Pension Helpline Pension & Retirement Benefits (866) 633-1767 n/a
 Fidelity Investments Retirement Savings Plan
(Eligible Active UCOR, CDM/SEC)
(800) 835-5095
 PAYFLEX Flexible Spending
(UCOR Eligible Active Employees Only)
(888) 678-8242
 Social Security Administration   (800) 772-1213
 UCOR Facebook Page For additional announcements n/a