This 90-day forecast is provided for information only as it is subject to change.  Watch this page for changes to the forecast. You can use the “Oracle Fusion” button (right) to register or login to UCOR’s electronic purchasing system, Oracle Fusion, where you can find additional opportunities.

Note: When a prequalification is required on a solicitation, the “Prequalification Date” column will have a note. Prequalified companies will be notified to respond to an RFP.

Purchases: Equipment, Materials, Rentals

RFP NumberProjectBrief Scope DefinitionPPM/BuyerTentative PrequalEstimate RFP IssueTarget AwardDurationProcurement TypeNAICS Code
N/ASite WideEquipment Rentals (On-Going)Alan.Mullins@orcc.doe.govN/ARFPs Issued as Needed - Contact Buyer for Additional InformationN/AVariousSmall Business
RFP-22-JEE00001Site WideAggregate ProductsJason.Elkins@orcc.doe.govN/AOctober 2022November 2022up to 5 yearsTBD212321
Additional opportunities are posted in Oracle

Subcontracts & Services

RFP NumberProjectBrief Scope DefinitionBuyerTentative PrequalEstimate RFP IssueTarget AwardDurationProcurement TypeNAICS Code
RFI-2022-07All SitesRegScale SoftwareAmanda.Daugherty@orcc.doe.govCompleteDecember 2022January 20223 monthsTBD541519
RFI-2022-08All SitesMaximo Mobile (Phase II)Amanda.Daugherty@orcc.doe.govCompleteDecember 2022January 20225 monthsTBD541519
RFI-2022-09All SitesHazard Communication SoftwareAmanda.Daugherty@orcc.doe.govCompleteDecember 2022January 20225 monthsTBD541519
RFP-22-RSC-002All SitesEngineering Services and Civil SurveyingRicky.Sentell@orcc.doe.govCompleteIssued 10/19 (Contact Buyer for RFP Documents)December 2022up to 5 yearsOpen541330
RFI-2022-12AAll SitesElectrician SupportJarod.Coppenger@orcc.doe.govN/ANovember 2022January 2023up to 5 yearsSmall Business237130
NEG-22-JY400062All SitesLinemen SupportJarod.Coppenger@orcc.doe.govCompleteIssued 11/22 (Contact Buyer for RFP Documents)January 2023up to 5 yearsOpen237130
RFP-202201012-012Y-12Old Scrap Yard Trailer Infrastructure ProjectJarod.Coppenger@orcc.doe.govCompleteIssued 11/1 (Contact Buyer for RFP Documents)December 2022TBDSmall Business236220
RFI-2022-10West of Y-12Early Site Preparation for EMDFMichael.Fuson@orcc.doe.govCompleteNovember 2022January 20231 yearTBD237990
TBDORNLTechnical Support for Seismic RefractionReed.Anderson@orcc.doe.govN/AJanuary 2023February 2023TBDTBD541990

Buyer Contact Information

To reach a UCOR buyer, email UCORSupplierPortal@orcc.doe.gov.


Your interest in working with UCOR is appreciated. Information will be updated a minimum of every two weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact UCOR’s Small Business Program Office or the Small Business Program Manager Diana Osbourne.