2022 Mini-Grant Recipients

 Following is a list of teachers and schools who were selected to receive one of UCOR’s 2022 STEM Education Mini-Grants. With the 2022 grants, UCOR has contributed more than $270,000 to STEM education in East Tennessee. In 2022, UCOR awarded 38 mini-grants totaling $40,000 to the following teachers and schools for STEM-related activities (listed by county):


  • Ligia Boundy, Clinton High School, From Phase Shifts to Asymptotes: Graphing Functions Using the TI-84
  • Amy Haney, with Amanda Powers, Jimmy Davis, and Karen Campbell, Clinton High School, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality for All
  • Nicole Hood, Lake City Middle School, A Hood for Ms. Hood
  • Jana Payne, Claxton Elementary School, 3-D Printer
  • Jennifer Rodabaugh, Claxton Elementary School, Apply to Fly
  • Brandon Ward, Claxton Elementary School, Cougar Putt-Putt Makespace


  • Col. Jeff Coggin, with MSgt. Rob Davis, Heritage High School, AFJROTC Model Rocketry
  • Renee Powell, Lanier Elementary School, Coding Cool Robots


  • Tiffany Logsdon, Wynn Habersham Elementary, Hands-on Math – Engaging each Learner
  • Jessica Moore, Wynn Habersham Elementary, Hands-on Math


  • Timothy Cathcart, Bearden High School, Under-desk Exercise Bikes
  • Timothy Green, Farragut High School, Nintendo Labo Project: Integrating STEM and SEL Instruction Through Problem Based Learning
  • Cheri Reznicek, Bearden High School, Practicing Biotech Lab Skills- Learning to Micropipette
  • Brooke Haskins, Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School, Built-In Maker Space
  • Katie Lusk, Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School, We Soar When We Explore
  • Jessica Vose, Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School, Compost for a Healthier Planet
  • Jessica Vose, Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School, Chicken Egg Incubating Project

Maryville City Schools

  • Andrew Hebert, Maryville Junior High School, Pressure’s On!


  • Margie Branstetter, Petros Joyner School, Blast Off to STEM!
  • Erin Miller, Oakdale School, Engineering Innovative Solutions to Rain Runoff
  • Susanne Pemberton, Coalfield School, Spark STEM Learning with Circuitry Fun

Oak Ridge City Schools

  • Amelia Bell, with Maddie Middleton, Glenwood Elementary School, If You Take Away the Otter: understanding ecosystems, food webs, and trophic cascade
  • Kristy Hutson, Oak Ridge High School, Helping “Hands”
  • Bryson Leftwich, Robertsville Middle School, Exploring Newton’s Laws
  • Jean Phillips, with Heather Henderlight, Willow Brook Elementary School, Logitech Crayon Styluses for Kindergarten and First Grade Students
  • Janie Shanafield, with Theresa Davis and Lexie Scott, Jefferson Middle School, Spike it!
  • Kolbi Sherrod, Glenwood Elementary School, Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics

Oneida Special School District

  • Donna Tompkins, with Lora Wilson, Oneida Elementary School, If You Build It, They Will Come


  • Pete Goepfert, Midtown Education Center, Drivable Electric Rover
  • Carly Harrison, Dyllis Springs Elementary School, Kinders Under Construction {STEM style}
  • Carly Harrison, Dyllis Springs Elementary School, Sensory Pathway
  • Stacey Hauck, with Anne Marie Snyder, Cherokee Middle School, Moving to the Future with Spike
  • Sharon Parks, with Katie McKee, Midway Middle School, Hidden Figures- Coding Across the Curriculum
  • Heather Robinette, Ridge View Elementary School, Dash for Success


  • Anita Harness, Fairview Elementary School, S. I.- Center of Student Investigators 
  • Joy Perry, Huntsville Middle School, Growing Students into the Next Century


  • Sarah Maness, Horace Maynard Middle School, Building Learners to Leaders
  • Jennifer Smith, Big Ridge Elementary School, Building a Solid Foundation in STEM