2024 Mini-Grant Recipients

Following is a list of teachers and schools who were selected to receive one of UCOR’s 2024 STEM Education Mini-Grants. UCOR awarded 41 mini-grants across 29 schools totaling $45,000 for STEM-related activities (listed by county):


  • Amanda Adams, Claxton Elementary, 3D Scribing in the Classroom
  • Savannah Akers, Claxton Elementary, Sliding into Learning with Spheros
  • Courtney Bass, Norwood Elementary, Cultivating a STEM-Driven Kindergarten Classroom with the use of Bee Bots and 3D Printing
  • Zen Braden, Norwood Elementary, Fitness Trackers
  • Christopher Enix, Lake City Middle, Teaching Basic Engineering Principles Using Lego
  • Rebecca Ford, Clinton Middle, Integrating STEM in the Middle School Classroom
  • Jana Payne, Claxton Elementary, Spheros for Students
  • Jennifer Rodabaugh, Claxton Elementary, Robotics-Time to Level Up
  • Carol Smith, Dutch Valley Elementary, Let’s Get Growing


  • Tiffany Logsdon, Wynn Habersham Elementary, VR in the Classroom—Bringing Science to Life


  • Vincent Dave, Jr., Gresham Middle, Special Delivery Drones
  • Megan Goebel, Mill Creek Elementary, STEM-ulate Innovation
  • Katie Lusk, Amherst Elementary, Learning Through the Senses
  • Jessica McGhee, Karns High, Coding with the TI-Innovator Hub and Rover
  • Annett Romer, Northshore Elementary, Ozobot Goes on a Seesaw
  • Elizabeth Stewart, Farragut Primary, Make it Move!

Maryville City

  • Michael Wise, Maryville Junior High, Ready Graduate Program


  • Margie Branstetter, Petros Joyner School, STEM Outdoor Learning
  • Erin Miller, Oakdale, Career Exploration in a Box
  • Susanne Pemberton, Coalfield, Root for Coding Fun!

Oak Ridge City

  • Amelia Bell, Glenwood Elementary, Let’s Get Cooking! Linking Science, Math, and Literature Through Cooking Experiences
  • Lisa Buckner, Linden Elementary, STEMovation: Empowering Minds Through Hands-On Exploration
  • Mark Buckner, Oak Ridge High, Wild About Manufacturing
  • Janie Shanafield, Jefferson Middle, Empowering Emerging Engineers


  • Becky Efferson, Dyllis Springs Elementary, STEM Makes Us BRIGHTER!
  • Carly Harrison, Dyllis Springs Elementary, “Light It Up” in Kindergarten
  • Victoria Henley, Harriman Middle, Make Our STEM Lab Functional!
  • Briley Johnson, Midtown Elementary, “Growing” a School Community


  • Eric Blakley, Scott High, Making Waves: A Classroom Saltwater Tank Ecosystem
  • Christy Blevins, Burchfield Elementary, Empowering Young Meteorologists: Enhancing Weather Observation in 2nd Grade Classroom
  • Judy Carson, Huntsville Elementary, Once Upon a Fairytale and More…
  • Paige Roark, Burchfield Elementary, Can You Build It?


  • Sarah Maness, Horace Maynard Middle, Know, Sow, and We All Grow!
  • Jennifer Smith, Big Ridge Elementary, Literacy in Science

Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School

  • Rebecca Blanchard, Enhancing Science Through Reading
  • Lev Gross-Comstock, Illuminating Innovation: A STEAM Project for Chanukah 2024
  • Brooke Haskins, The Joy of a Butterfly Garden
  • Brooke Haskins, Space Explorers
  • Virginia Kessler, Stitching with STEAM
  • Nikki Sawyers, Kindergarten Makers Space
  • Jessica Vose, Magnetism and Electricity