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Wellness Logo

2014 Healthier Tennessee Workplace Logo

UCOR’s objective has been to support and promote improvements in workforce health through awareness, education,
and actions that are shown to be effective in preventing disease and reducing risk of complications of disease. A wellness committee was chartered in March 2013 whose mission is to promote the health and wellness of employees through education and initiatives that:

  • Encourage habits of wellness
  • Increase awareness of factors and resources contributing to well-being
  • Inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health
  • Promote and support the culture of a wellness community

UCOR values its workforce and is proud of the response and efforts of employees, subcontractors, and staff
augmentation personnel.

What UCOR is doing for Wellness

Wellness Committee: chartered this committee to promote healthy activities among employees.

Wellness Rooms: set up Wellness Rooms in 14 different locations. Each is equipped with a blood pressure monitor, scale, measuring tape, and evidence-based health information for employee/staff augmentation/subcontractor use.

Lunch and Learn Wellness Topics: offer monthly topics geared toward worker interest and the most common health problems at the site.

Wellness Corner: a special section in the weekly employee newsletter, UCOR Newsline, that contains health-related topics intended to encourage healthy behaviors and prevent disease development, and reduce risks of complication from those who have chronic disease.

Health-related items: distributed various items to employees, including pedometers to to encourage physical activity; infuser water bottles to encourage water intake; and Mayo Medical Self-Help/Reference books, to provide employees a medical resource.

ETTP site walking maps: walked, measured, and mapped out walking paths/areas.

Intranet Wellness site: created Intranet site devoted to wellness and wellness activities for UCOR employees and subcontractors. The site has evidence-based, health-related links and monthly health intranet topics.

Physical activity promotion: promote physical activities among employees/staff augmentation/subcontractors, including walking, hiking, walk/run competitions, dragon boat races, golfing, and biking.

Flu/Tdap/Td vaccinations: offered yearly vaccinations to reduce seasonal and non-seasonal illness impacts on employees, family, and coworkers.

Healthier food choices: increased healthy snacks in vending.

Earth Day walks: provide an Earth Day walk in remediated areas hosted by a biologist and Environmental Management personnel.

Wellness text messages: Employees and subcontractors may choose to sign up for text messages related to wellness or wellness activities.

Mobile mammogram: sponsor mobile mammography at the site up to two times per year.

Weight Watchers: conduct Weight Watchers at Work sessions.

Health and Safety Fair: host a yearly fair that features many varied health screenings and safety-related informational activities.

Aetna Wellness: Provides information and counseling on many pertinent topics for UCOR employees such as smoking cessation, diabetes, and obesity.

Fitness Club discounts: offer fitness discounts at several popular fitness clubs in the area to encourage employees to increase physical activity.

Aetna Employee Assistance Program: provides a resource for UCOR employees who can get help in situations that involve problems in personal and professional relationships, substance abuse, family life, stress, and difficulties in coping.

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