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Federal Facility Agreement (FFA) Appendices for the Oak Ridge Reservation - DOE/OR-1014
7A7363 line - Graphic
Appendix A RCRA/CERCLA Terminology
Appendix B

Oak Ridge Site Description

Latest Revision - November 15, 2017, FFA-PM/17-009

Appendix C Oak Ridge Remediation Sites Latest Revision - November 15, 2017, FFA-PM/17-009
Appendix D Stipulated Facts
Appendix E Timetables and Deadlines
Latest Revision - October 1, 2018
Appendix F Low-Level Radioactive Waste Tank Systems
Latest Revision - June 23, 1999, FFA-PM/99-004
Appendix G Prioritization of Environmental Restoration Tasks

Latest Revision - February 19, 2004, FFA-PM/03-003
Appendix H Letter From Department of Justice to TDHE
Appendix I Operating Instructions
Latest Revision - March 26, 2013, FFA-PM/12-012 (Deletion of I-12)
Appendix J FY+3 and Beyond Planning Targets Latest Revision - July 26, 2018, FFA-PM/18-003

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