UCOR celebrates small business excellence at an annual awards event. Since the UCOR contract was awarded in 2011, the company has subcontracted more than $1 billion of its work, and more than 80 percent of that total went to small businesses.

Subcontractors Play Key Role in UCOR Mission

UCOR partners with numerous subcontractors and suppliers to perform work across the Oak Ridge Reservation. These partners play a critical role in supporting UCOR’s mission and are important to the overall success of the environmental cleanup program.

We rely on subcontractors for a variety of goods and services ranging from transportation of radioactive waste and demolition debris to electrical services, equipment rental, office supplies, video production and more.

Small Business Commitment

UCOR is committed to providing small businesses with maximum contracting opportunities and proudly supports locally-owned and regional small business. Our program divides small business goals into several socioeconomic subcategories, including: Small Business Metrics

Since the beginning of our contract, UCOR has consistently met or exceeded our small business goals. More than 80 percent of our subcontracted work is committed to small businesses.

Additionally, the company hosts Small Business Forums to educate area small businesses about how to obtain contracts with UCOR. Selected small businesses doing work with UCOR are also recognized with awards on an annual basis. These businesses demonstrate a commitment to safety and excellence which align with UCOR’s core values.

Small Business Program Office

Please visit the Small Business Program Office site for current contracting opportunities and guidance on doing business with UCOR.